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Redefines the twitter experience by combining the power of a DIARY with TWITTER

tweetary works with you,to keep the tweets that matter to you SAFE. All the tweets you post online are AUTOMATICALLY archived,
and searchable offline in tweetary. And just like a journal or diary, you can annotate them, adding pictures and text whether online or offline. So that romantic trip you took, now you can add extra context , inserting images and saying what you really felt. Instead of working with tweets, you can even create your own tweetaries. Plus all of these entries are kept PRIVATE and OFFLINE. Just like your personal diary. And you can password lock it so no one else can read it.. Now isn’t that just awesome! :) If you choose to, you can even SHARE your private tweetaries via email.

tweetary not only archives your PERSONAL tweets, but ANY tweet on your timeline can be “tweetarised” by a touch of a button! Whether its a funny tweet or a great story, you can tweetarise it for later. You can still go and add extra content privately to these tweetaries as well!

And did we mention all of this is SYNCED and backed up through iCloud?